Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Post Your Readings Sooner Rather Than Later

Someone has to be first, go. If you have questions, ask. If you are just putting it off, don't.


Carl Weed said...

I shall discuss my interpretation of the bringing forth of energy, and how it is ordered to standing reserve. Before I begin, a primordial understanding of the thingness of a thing needs to be developed. According to Heideggar, philosophers taught that the four causes of a thing are as follows: "1, the material, the matter out of which. 2, the form, the shape into which the material enters. 3, the causa finalis, the end. 4, that which brings about the effect. These four causes are the foundation to Heideggar's revealing what energy is" (2).

The four causes are burst open when a sense of bringing-forth occurs. "Bringing-forth brings hither out of concealment forth into unconcealment. Bringing-forth comes to pass only insofar as something concealed comes into unconcealment" (5). If Bringing-forth can only happen when the four causes are in play, then the modes of causality are gathered within bringing forth and ruled throughout.

The next sense that occurs is revealing. "For every bringing-forth is grounded in revealing" (5). A sense of revealing is important to consider because it is the instrument that is technology. Technology is a way of revealing.

The next sense, challenging-forth, is the demand that is placed upon a material to reveal itself. "That challenging happens in that the energy concealed in nature is unlocked, what is unlocked is transformed, what is transformed is stored up, what is stored up is, in turn, distributed, and what is distributed is switched about ever anew. The revealing never simply comes to an end" (7). These unlocking paths are regulated and secured. It is these paths, created by technology, that create the characteristics challenging revealing.

This ordering of energy reveals a material into a stored energy known as standing reserve. "It designates nothing less than the way in which everthing presences that is wrought upon by the challenging revealing" (8). Standing reserve can be thought of as a MUNI train stopped at Montgomery station. Its passengers board and unboard with the expectation that the train connected to standing reserve will go on to the next stop.

Madison Voelkel said...

I seem to be confused on how to submit standalone posts to this blog, so I'll just reply here.

"Screen time. Prime Time: Life as a infinite level video game with an infinite array of characters to pick from. It's one of those situations where, poker-faced, the dealer asks you, 'pick a card, any card...' It's a game that asks — 'who speaks through you?'"

This struck me more than anything else. For how long ago this was written, it seems incredibly current and apt. The digital realm is the realm to create your own identity. Even through the guise of "self" or documenting the happenings in life, identity on the internet is a curated, created, intentional form. We become wrapped up in who we want to be and what we want to project. We're sold ourselves to ourselves through some guise of networking or connection or any other idealized sentiment about the internet and bringing things or people or ideas or bullshit together. It only happens that we might accidentally connect with someone while we get distracted from looking at ourselves.

Internet identity is a curated collection of what an individual wants to present to the rest of the internet. You only share what you want to share, and what you want to be seen. A wonderful performance for the exhibitionists among us. But it doesn't characterize an entirety of an individual, in fact it's completely fictive. I don't know if I've added anything new, but we see what we want to see, and online, we're seen how we want to be seen.